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Webbing is produced in both Europe and Asia making use of the latest weaving and finishing technology available to meet the wide expectations and requirements of the market.

Technotex has a wide range of webbing products that can be utilised for any purpose, and are supplied to both group companies and third parties. Product development is done in close cooperation with group companies and clients.

Sling’s and Lashing’s products are also produced in Asia and Europe with specialised product development and production control being co-ordinated and controlled in Europe.

Technotex distinguishes itself from its competitors, by meeting the markets demanding and ever changing standards and requirements.

With its strategically placed facilities in key locations Unitex have the flexibility to develop and supply products to clients the world over.



The manufacturing side of Technotex is specialised in high quality Round Slings. The IW-division (industrial Webbing) and FP-division (finished Products) work together and are constantly evaluating qualities. This has resulted among others in a high quality Round Sling sleeve for tonnage up to 120 ton WLL The IW division used their experience on seatbelt webbing for the automotive and aviation industry to develop a high abrasive Round Sling sleeve.



A new development especially for lifting steel coils is a Round Sling made with Dyneema®. This product is especially designed to handle heavy and sharp steel coils. The Dyneema® fibres used have a high cut and abrasion resistance, which is a must for lifting coils. Besides the manageability of the sling (very light - own weight of 20 ton 4 meter effective is 12 kgs)

it causes less damage to the load.

Heavy Lift
made with Dyneema®. This is a HPPE fibre (high performance polyethylene). Round Slings made with Dyneema® are extremly abrasion resistant and light weighted (factor 2,5 ligther compare to Polyester).


Web Slings

The Unitex manufacturing sites specialise in custom made slings and are able to produce smaller to high capacity slings in almost every length and width for any purpose to the required standards.


Web Sling Protection

For a lot of lifting jobs a good protection is needed for the lifting sling and the load.

We therefore offer a wide range of protection with different kinds of materials like: PES, PVC and Polyurethane.

The newest development is a protection sleeve made with Dyneema®, fibres which has a lot of benefits compared to the existing protection coatings or sleeves available in the market. Dyneema® has a high resistance against chemicals combined with a very high abrasion and cut resistance, this leads to a high performance product.


In 2001 a harmonised standard for lashings was introduced, the EN 12195-1 and EN-12195-2 has enforces a change to all Cargo-restraints on trains, trucks and vessels.

Technotex therefore offer a comprehensive range of quality lashing for every purpose with variety on the Lc (=Lashing capacities) and even more important the Stf (=Standard tension force).

Lashings systems must comply with the EN-12195-2 because users must be aware that the lashings will meet the required performance. Technotex also offers a wide range of Lashing Products.


Height Safety

As part of the Unitex Group we are ideally positioned to provide the highest quality, most innovative and practical fall protection solutions to all industries.

In conjunction with its sister Companies, RidgeGear has developed a dynamic and functional range of harnesses, which allow unparalleled performance and comfort along with a comprehensive range of lanyards, work positioning and rescue equipment.


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