Nabakem - Antistatic Agents

  • Plaguard F-150 (Anti Static Agent)
  • F-172 (Anti Static Coating Agent)

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Nabakem - Cleaner

  • DC-3000 (Multi Cleaner, Electro Contact Cleaner)
  • DC-5000 (Multi Cleaner, High Powered Degreaser)
  • DR-747 (Dust Blower For Maintenance Of Precision Equipment)
  • DB -77 (Powerful Dust Blower For Maintenace of Precision Equipment)
  • DB-55 (Powerful Dust Blower For Maintenance of Precision Equipment)
  • DB-1000(Non Flammable and Super Powerful Dust Blower)
  • MC-2 (Degreaser/Cleaner)
  • EMC-100 (Electric Motor Cleaner)
  • EMC-100A (nonflammable Electric Motor Cleaner)
  • SSR-450/SSR-220 (Sticker Stain Remover)
  • PC-77 (PC Cleaner)
  • SP-725 (Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser)
  • SP-725 (Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser)
  • PR-50A/PR-50P (Paint & Gasket Remover)

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Nabakem - Lubricant and Mold Release Agent

  • L-840 (Lubricating, Rust Preventing, Penetrating)
  • P-840 (Lubricating, Rust Preventing, Pnenetrating)
  • R-1 (Mold Release Agent)
  • R-2 (Mold Release Agent)
  • B.N Spray (High Temperature Lubricant & Mold Release Agent)
  • Dio Bright NB-500 (Release Agent For LED)
  • JA-100 (Semi Dry Film Type PTFE Lubricant)
  • G-Lub 10M (Liquid Grease)
  • R.P.D Spray (MoS2 Lubricant)
  • IC-606 (Precise Casting Release Agent)
  • Flex-A (Urenthane Mold Release Agent)
  • SL-112 (Transfer Pump Lubricant)
  • GL-2002 (GRA-Lubricant)
  • Nabamoly MoS2 (MoS2 Lubricant)

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Nabakem - Metal Surface Treatment

  • SR-600 (Stainless Steel Scale Remover, Paste Type
  • Rust-Zero RT-1000 (Rust Converter)
  • SR-900 (Copper And COpper Alloy Cleaner)
  • SR-100 (Metal Surface Cleaner)
  • SR-700 (Carbon Steel Rust Cleaner)
  • SR-601 (Stainless Steel Scale Remover, Liquid Type)

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Nabakem - Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Chemicals

  • Mega Check (Dye Penetrant Inspection Systems)
  • MP-35 (White Paint For N.D.T)
  • SM-15 (Magnetic Particle Spray For N.D.T)
  • FM-25 (Magnetic Particle Spray (Fluorescent) For N.D.T)
  • CLC-30 (Color Leak Check For NH3 Leak Test)

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Nabakem - PCB Insulating Coating Agent

  • Polyurethane Potting Agent
  • S-830 (Silicon Varnish Spray)
  • R-820 (RTV Silicone Spray)
  • UC-100 (Urethane Coating Spray)
  • AC-100 (Acrylic Coating Spray)

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